“A day may come when the courage of men fails, but it is not this day.”- Aragorn

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Student Meal

First and foremost, I am not a student, I just got a wee bit jealous of my brothers overseas who went and dined in an oriental kitchen. Their spread got me salivating instantly, and I had to to something about it, as you predicted, but what do I have at home? I just cooked instantContinue reading “Student Meal”

Pasta Al Fresco

Hi! I have been making al fresco pasta since I started living alone, because it’s probably the easiest to prep. You don’t need to cook the sauce, hence, al fresco. I learned this more than a decade ago from an article in a magazine where Richard Gomez cooks for his wife, miss Lucy. Disclaimer: IContinue reading “Pasta Al Fresco”

Pork Puchero

In the Philippines, we call this Spanish heritage stew, puchero. It’s simple meat and veggie in tomato, tweaked with canned pork and beans, and saba banana. It caught my attention that not many people nowadays know this Filipino hearty dish, but I took a chance on it, because the smell and taste of it bringContinue reading “Pork Puchero”

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